8 Service Extras to Offer Your Self Storage Customers

8 Service Extras to Offer Your Self Storage CustomersService. It’s a simple word that sets your self storage business apart from the competition. There is nothing more important when it comes to establishing your reputation within the industry. Moving can be stressful, and a self storage business that offers extra services that make moving easier will stand out in customer’s minds. To that end, the following are a few simple-to-offer extra services that your customers are eager to use:

Truck Rental

Not everyone has a pick-up truck or a friend with a large van. Renting a truck to your clients gives them a one-stop moving solution. They can simply rent the truck, fill it up, unload it, and drop it off at the storage facility. Truck rentals simplify one of the greatest chores of moving. Coupled with a rental discount, truck rentals are one of the most popular extra services you can offer. At Storage World, we recommend On the Move, Inc. We lease the truck from them, and they ensure the fleet is always ready to move when our clients need to get from Point A to Point B.

Moving Assistance

Whether it’s an elderly couple moving into a retirement community or a young couple just moving to the area, having a team of helping hands at the ready can be a real benefit. Offering moving assistance via a team of movers your company recommends can make moving considerably easier for many demographics.

Storage Supplies

Renting blankets, pads, pallets, dollies, locks, etc. makes it easier for our clients to safely store their possessions so they won’t be damaged or stolen. These incidental items can be rented and reused over and over again, which makes them a cost-effective service that’s easy to offer.

Online Payments

People rarely use checks anymore, and it’s easier to set up your accounts for online payments. It saves your clients time and a stamp, and it streamlines your accounting processes, which cuts costs while easing the flow of cash into your operations.

24-Hour Access

With gated security and code locks, your clients can enter their units when it is convenient for them. In a fast-paced world, this convenience and ease of access means your clients don’t have to adjust their schedules when they need to retrieve items from their storage unit.

Boat/RV/ATV Storage

These “toys” take up space, and many of them are seasonal. Offering clients a place to store these in the “off season” is a benefit that they will genuinely appreciate.


Tornadoes happen, fires spark, and floods will rise up. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, offering insurance to protect your client’s possessions will ease their concerns. Offering multiple levels of coverage will let them select the plan that adequately covers the items they are placing into storage.

Climate Control

Some clients store wine, and some store precious artwork. Many people prefer to store climate-sensitive possessions within climate controlled self storage units. In the self storage business, these specialized units make your business an attractive option for higher-end clientele seeking special handling of their special items.

Each of these extra services is easy for your self storage business to offer. Most require little investment of time or resources to provide, and those that do are well worth the investment. Offering these extras to your clients will make your business stand out from the competition and will guarantee a steady stream of business on which you can bank your future.

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