8 Quality Control Tips for Moving Companies

Quality control is an essential element to the success of any business. Maintaining moving company quality control requires discipline and the adherence to well-defined procedures that everyone on the staff understands and is held accountable for upholding. In the modern era, the following are some ways that you can develop and implement your moving company quality control so that your business outshines the competition.

  1.  Create Checklists

Your team of movers should do every job by the book. Your checklists should include the following:

  • The thorough review of customer possessions.
  • A damage report and itemization.
  • Verification of packing/moving instructions.
  • Inventory of moving materials utilized and collected at the end of the move.
  • Notes about the move and any issues that arose during the process.
  1.  Keep it Consistent

Customers will expect your company to provide x service and y delivery schedule. Always do your best to keep your schedule and services as consistent as possible. Focusing on repetition is a good way to get your employees in the habit of doing the same thing for each and every customer that walks through your door.

  1.  Keep it Transparent

Customers should always have access to information about their possessions and the status of the move. Make sure that employees keep these records up-to-date so that clients can access them via your flexible information management system when they have questions about where their possessions are and when they will arrive.

  1.  Stick to Your Agreements and Quotes

Contracts and quotes should always take into account as many factors as possible that can add to the cost or complexity of a move. When you miss something, don’t put that on the customer. Instead, inform the customer of the difference and absorb it. This will not only build goodwill but also help establish your moving business as a fair and honorable company to do business with.

  1.  Train, Train, and Train Some More

Always ensure that your new employees receive thorough training in policy and procedures prior to their handling of customer accounts of moving needs. Moreover, continually confirm that employees know the procedures they are to follow and correct any deficiencies that are taking place. Finally, when policies change or procedures evolve, be sure to inform each staff member of the change so that everyone is on the same page.

  1.  Toss What Doesn’t Work

Some policies and procedures will simply become outdated as the market evolves and technology improves. When an old process or way of doing things is no longer efficient or effective, don’t keep it around simply because it’s “the way we’ve always done things.”

  1.  Address Problems & Complaints Quickly

If a customer complains, their complaint is the most important thing on your desk. Sometimes it’s a valid complaint, other times it might just be a misunderstanding. Whatever the case, give it your full attention as soon as possible.

  1.  Train Teams to Think “Outside the Box”

Plans may need to change for any number of reasons. Shipments may need to be rerouted because of weather or road closures, etc. When this happens, make sure your teams have the leadership skills to think their way through problems and identify appropriate solutions to maintain the level of service and quality the client expects.

Developing and maintaining moving company quality control takes time and effort. It doesn’t happen overnight, but when it is developed to deliver consistent quality to the customer, it creates a fertile foundation that grows new business year after year.

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