7 Wise Tips for Introducing Your Customers to Mobile Storage

Moving via portable storage containers isn’t a new idea. Over the past decade, it is a concept that has cemented itself in the public consciousness. While the majority of people are familiar with the concept of mobile storage and moving containers, few know the details and logistics of renting them and using them for their next move. As a¬†mobile storage¬†provider, you have an opportunity to educate them and give them a more personal introduction to the nuts and bolts of the operation.

1. Keep it Simple…but not too Simple.

You need to give your clients more than “You put your stuff in the box and it goes to your next house.” They know that already. As a mobile storage provider, your marketing materials need to answer the same questions a good news story would:

  • Who is moving your stuff?
  • How will it be moved?
  • When will it be delivered?
  • What can you transport/What can’t you transport?
  • Where can you deliver?
  • Why do customers want to choose you over the competition?

2. Create an Interactive Experience

Apps are quick and easy to develop. With a little planning, you can create an app that will guide your clients through the mobile containers and moving options that you offer. An app gives them an opportunity to custom tailor their move so that it fits their needs and budgets. In the process, it also educates them on how the process works and what they can expect at every stage of the move.

3. Host Open Houses and Webinars

Most customers are visually motivated, and there is no better way to introduce them to mobile storage than letting them see and touch the containers for themselves. Hosting events that discuss moving tips and moving trends will establish your business as an authority within the industry while increasing your client’s knowledge of the ways they can utilize mobile storage to their advantage.

4. Don’t Denigrate Traditional Moving Services to Highlight Mobile Options

If your mobile operations are an extension of traditional moving services, you will look odd doing this. Moreover, you don’t want to discount the many benefits traditional moving services offer and that most customers are familiar with. Instead, you should highlight the niches that mobile serves within the market as a whole.

5. Incentivize Your Offerings

Customers love getting things for free, but businesses that give everything away for free quickly find themselves in hot water with their accountant. To stay profitable while incentivizing customers, consider offering discounts for repeat business and referrals, coupons for moving services, rebates for cleaning the containers, etc. When you incentivize the use of portable storage containers, you give clients a clear, “green” reason to consider using mobile moving options.

6. Create Infographics

Infographics are a fantastic way to convey massive quantities of information in short, quick sections that are easily digested and remembered. They are not expensive to develop and can answer your client’s questions faster than they can pick up the phone.

7. Attend Home & Garden Shows, Fairs, etc.

Setting up a booth at the home and garden show, county fair, state fair, etc. will generate significant exposure in a short time. The ROI for attending these events is considerable so you don’t want to miss the opportunities that arise during the spring and summer months. Bonus tip: make your booth fun, entertaining, and offer free treats so the kids can be occupied while you discuss mobile moving with their parents.

Introducing customers to mobile storage isn’t hard; it just takes a little planning, preparation, and the proper execution to seal the deal.

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