7 Mobile Storage Marketing Blunders to Avoid

7 Mobile Storage Marketing Blunders to AvoidMarketing mobile storage requires time, effort, and patience. If you don’t take the time, and you don’t put in the effort, your clients won’t have the patience to pay attention to a lackadaisical marketing campaign. When you are marketing your products and services, there are some blunders and pitfalls that you will want to avoid.

1. Inconsistent Messaging

Effective marketing is built around a steady drip of information that creates a trail that leads clients to your door. A steady flow of marketing messages creates a solid foundation for your business. To avoid inconsistency, create a schedule to release marketing messages via television, radio, email, social media, or on the web.

2. Using an Ineffective Medium

Monitoring your marketing campaigns is essential to determining what the most effective sources of revenue are for your mobile storage business. Before releasing a marketing message, determine how you will track its effectiveness. This will help you adjust your campaign so that you have a healthy mix of mediums.

3. Lopsided Marketing Reliance

You should never build your marketing efforts around a single marketing medium. Along with using an ineffective medium, using only one or two avenues is equally as big a blunder. Diversification is crucial as you may discover that some mediums generate better results than others. Moreover, you may determine that some mediums work better at different points of the day than others. This information can further help you modify your use of various mediums so that you create the maximum benefit for your efforts.

4. Relying on Recognition

Even established businesses need to continue marketing their products and services to potential customers. A solid reputation and well-recognized brand offer no guarantees of continued success. Cutting back on your marketing budget is a blunder you are going to regret. While name recognition and word-of-mouth advertising will go a long way, they should never be your sole source of marketing. As your reputation grows, it will give weight to your marketing messages and enhance the results they generate.

5. The Wrong Message for the Wrong Audience

If your audience is 20-something Millennials, then sending out marketing messages with pictures of Mr. Ed and Howdy Doody won’t resonate with your target audience. Always do your homework before you release a marketing message. Make sure that the imagery and language appeal to your target demographic. This is an essential step for every marketing campaign, but many businesses don’t put in the effort. It is a big mistake that can cost your business dearly.

6. Message Bombardment

The average person comes across several thousand marketing messages every day. It is easy to get lost in the fray. To beat the odds, some companies bombard their prospective clients with messages. This has a negative effect because the more people hear your message, the more likely they are to tune it out. Instead of bombarding clients with messages, build a schedule that creates a slow and steady drip.

7. Bad Timing

Releasing messages on major holidays is a faux pas. Schedule campaigns that position you to take advantage of the calendar. Increase your efforts at times when your target demographic is likely to need your services, i.e. spring and summer.

Marketing mobile storage requires taking the time and having the patience to determine what works, and what isn’t working. It’s an investment of resources that your business can’t afford to skimp on. When you put in the effort, the results and rewards are highly enriching. Without a doubt, not taking an active role in your marketing campaigns is the biggest blunder of all.

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