6 Things to Know About Moving Company Signage

Your sign is your calling card to anyone passing by or coming into contact with your moving trucks or mobile storage containers. A good sign sets you apart from your competitors and forms the visual backbone that will generate moving company leads today, tomorrow, and well into the future. As you go about designing your first sign or redesigning an existing one, keep the following in mind as you go through the process.

1. A Sign is a “Silent Salesman.”

Your sign never calls in sick and works 24/7 without ever asking for a raise or benefits to generate moving company leads for your business. That doesn’t mean you can neglect it. A poorly maintained sign will turn clients away, so you should plan to invest in purchasing a well-built sign that won’t fall apart when the wind blows or the snows start to fall. Moreover, always take care of your sign and conduct maintenance and repairs promptly and thoroughly.

2. Dare to be Bold

Practically every business uses square or rectangular signage. A simple change in shape can make your sign stand out from the crowd. The right size and shape coupled with a carefully thought-out choice of colors that are easily visible during the day and after dusk will have a noticeable effect on the number of customer inquiries you receive. When designing a sign, it is worth it to invest the time and effort in designing your own color. Remember, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coke, and many others built their brands around using colors that no one else was using.

3. Keep it Simple & Straightforward

Your contact information shouldn’t be hard to find. Your phone number, email, and website address should be easy to spot and even easier to remember. It’s equally as important to keep the amount of text to a bare minimum. Catchphrases and other information should be as short and clear as possible.

The information you include on your signage should feature prominently on your design, and you should select fonts and letter sizes that can be scaled and easily read for the intended audience. For example, you’ll need easily read the text for a sign posted on the highway, on the side of your mobile storage containers, and for the decals on your moving trucks.

4. Contrasts are Key

Create a balance of contrasts between the logo, your lettering, and your background colors. This will help each element stand out and will make it easier for clients to focus when reading your sign. Remember, contrast is about balancing the visual aesthetic with the functional information you want clients to discover.

5. Always Test Your Sign

Construct an inexpensive mock-up of your sign that is the same size as the one you intend to produce. Take it out into the “real world” and give it a test run with your employees, friends, and family acting as your potential clients. This will allow you to correct errors and deficiencies in fonts, colors, and size prior to putting the sign into production.


Your sign should be compelling and designed to inspire call upon call. The difference between a timid salesman and the one who drives a Ferrari home at night is the willingness to sell. If your sign does not include a solid call to action, then it is not doing the job you need it to do.

A good sign can generate moving company leads beyond your dreams. Taking the time and investing the resources into developing and manufacturing a quality sign will set your business apart and generate the revenue goals you are aiming to achieve.

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