5 Ways Mobile Storage Makes Your Move Easy Peasy

5 Ways Mobile Storage Makes Your Move Easy PeasyIf you are thinking about renting a moving company or using your friend’s pick-up truck in order to move – reconsider. You may want to use mobile storage instead. The following are five advantages to using mobile storage:

  1. Move on your own schedule. Having a packing deadline can be incredibly stressful, especially if you’re a busy person as it is. Knowing the movers are coming on a Saturday means that you are going to have to rush to have everything packed by Friday – otherwise you’ll have to pay to have the movers help pack your things or wait around as you pack the last of your possessions. With a portable storage unit, the unit will be delivered to your home where it can remain for an extended period of time while you pack it up. Once it’s all packed, you can schedule to have it delivered to your new location based on your schedule.

  3. Pack and unpack at your own pace. With a portable storage unit, you can pack all your possessions into the unit in one day or do a little bit each day until you’re all ready to go. The same goes for unpacking. You may not be in the mood to unpack all of your belongings after a long day of moving – especially if you moved over a long distance. With a mobile storage unit, you can take your time unpacking your things so that you don’t feel rushed or stressed out.

  5. Packing is easier. Renting your own moving truck may save you a little bit of money over hiring a moving company, but packing that truck can be quite a challenge… especially if your home is some distance away from the nearest parking spot. This means you are going to have to do more physical labor to move your things into the truck. And that’s without mentioning the fact that you’ll have to move heavy furniture up a ramp into the truck. A mobile storage unit can be placed closer to your home and will allow you to simply walk your furniture inside.

  7. Save money. Renting a mobile storage unit is often cheaper than hiring a moving company. It’s also typically cheaper than renting your own moving truck. Yes, renting your own truck can be quite cheap, but the price depends on how long you need it for. And this doesn’t account for things like gas or hotel stays (if you are moving a longer distance). Having to pack and move all in one day can cost you money as well, since some people have to take off work in order to do so. With a mobile storage unit, you can pack and move at your own pace and schedule.

  9. Store your container between moves. One problem that used to be practically unsolvable was when someone sold their house but wasn’t able to move into another home until a few weeks or months later. In such a case, they would have to move all of their things to a self-storage unit. Once they had a place to move into, they would have to move everything out of the unit and to their new home. With a mobile storage unit, you can simply pack your things when you’re ready to move out, and then have the unit stored at a storage facility until you are ready to move in somewhere. At this point, the storage unit will simply be delivered to your new home.

When it comes down to it, mobile storage is more convenient, secure, and cost-effective than other, more traditional moving options.

One thought on “5 Ways Mobile Storage Makes Your Move Easy Peasy

  1. Simon Brooks

    Wow, I can’t believe I had never really thought about this as an option for moving over the more traditional routes such as hiring a company. I especially like the idea of being able to pack the unit at your own pace before having it moved by the company to your new home. The fact that it’s cheaper than renting a truck or hiring a company is just icing on the cake and makes it a serious option to consider next time my wife and I decide to move.

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