4 Ways Your Storage Unit Customers Benefit from Portable Storage

4 Ways Portable Storage Units Make Moving EasierWhen your customers prepare to move – whether it’s across the street or coast-to-coast – they sometimes believe that they only have two choices regarding the transportation of their belongings:

  1. Moving everything themselves
  2. Hiring movers and a moving truck

However, both of these options also come with a number of frustrating drawbacks that often trigger a search for a more convenient alternative.

Offer Your Customers a Better Option

The third option, which many ultimately opt for, is renting a portable storage unit. This option offers your customers several perks that make their move an easier one:

  • Portable storage units provide customers with more convenience.
    One of the problems with hiring a moving truck is that your customers have to have everything packed up and ready to go by a specific date and time. What’s great about offering them the option to rent a portable storage unit is that it can simply be dropped off at their house or apartment. This allows customers to pack up their things and move them out into the storage unit on their own timeline. Once they’ve finished filling up the storage unit, they can then have you pick it up at their convenience.
  • Portable storage units are a more cost-effective option for your customers.
    Hiring a moving truck and movers can be expensive for your customers, especially if they are moving to another state or even across the country. Utilizing their own truck can also be quite costly, as not only will they have to pay for gas and often a hotel on the way as well, but they also run the risk of broken items due to poor packing processes. These costs can quickly add up! With a portable storage unit, your customers can eliminate the costly manual labor of a moving company or having to move the unit themselves. In addition, they can also have the time to carefully pack everything up and ensure that the portable storage container is lifted horizontally so as to also eliminate tipping and item damage when it is picked up and delivered to its destination.
  • Portable storage units are easy to load.
    One of the main reasons customers hire moving companies is because they can’t handle the physical stress of moving their things into a truck they’ve rented themselves. Trying to carry heavy pieces of furniture out of their home and to the driveway is strenuous enough – but then comes the part where they have to heft it up high enough to load into the back of a truck. This effort is very difficult and can even be dangerous. A portable storage unit, however, can sit at ground level right in their driveway. Your customers can simply walk their things directly into the storage unit… how much simpler could it get?
  • Portable storage units are safe and secure.
    One major “bonus” of portable storage units is that your customers’ things can be securely locked away; as the unit is stored at their homes, they can also keep a personal eye on it at all times. As an additional layer of security, when they have filled it with their belongings and are ready to move it, they can lock the unit themselves, and it is simply picked up and securely transported – exactly as it is – and delivered directly to their final destination.

Moving can be both stressful and costly. However, when your customers can choose to utilize a portable storage unit instead of hiring a moving company or renting their own moving truck, the process becomes a whole lot easier.

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