10 Tips for Improving Your Moving Company’s Reputation

Cultivating a solid reputation is one of the most important steps on the path to success. Whether you are a new business or have been in business for years, your moving company reputation is what will determine your long-term success. The following are some things you can do today, tomorrow, next month, and over the years ahead to ensure your business has a stellar reputation.

1. Get Active in the Community

A business that actively donates to community organizations and helps charitable organizations is one that people trust and respect. Helping everyone from the Girl Scouts to 4-H clubs is something that will be noticed and appreciated.

2. Become a Leader

Lead by example and use technology to innovate services and product offerings. When you lead by adopting new technologies into your business, others will want to follow your lead.

3. Get Active in the Business Community

Get involved in local politics and help shape the business climate in the region. Becoming a leader is more than just networking; it is an opportunity to use your voice to improve the community. Equally important, being an active voice means that people will contact you to inquire about partnerships and business opportunities.

4. Hire Good Employees & Make Training a Priority

Your drivers, office team, maintenance team, etc. are the face of your business. Always hire top people to serve this critical function. People will form their opinion of your business based largely on the people they come into contact with. Just as important is that you train your people well so that they can excel at everything they need to do.

5. Be Transparent

Rates go up as expenses rise. It is normal and essential for a business to survive. Be open and honest with your customers when you need to raise prices. They will appreciate the honesty and won’t mind paying a few extra dollars to help shoulder the burden without causing damage to your moving company reputation.

6. Build Partnerships with Solid Companies

The old adage “be careful who your friends are” rings true in business. Always know who you are building partnerships with, and what their reputation is within the community. Choose your partners carefully.

7. Manage Money Wisely

It is wise to invest in quality containers and storage facilities for your moving company. These physical components of your business speak to the quality and care your business provides to customers.

8. Keep Up Appearances

Everything from your containers to your trucks and warehouses do not have to be brand new, but they should be maintained and cared for. Proper maintenance not only saves you money, it speaks volumes about the respect you have for your operations.

9. Learn How to Say “Sorry.”

No business is perfect, and not every day will go as planned. When things happen, be it a missed delivery schedule or broken personal item, apologize and take the proper steps to correct the situation. Doing so will go a long way towards building the goodwill that drives a moving company reputation forward.

10. Be Consistent

Companies with the best reputations deliver consistent services. When you think of Fortune 50’s, you know exactly what each company does, and what you can expect. Their reputation precedes them. Achieving a similar reputation begins by delivering reliability and consistency within your market area.

Finally, don’t be afraid to fail. Building a reputation is an art that takes time to perfect and master. The more you practice, the better your reputation will become. More importantly, people like and trust companies that they know learn from their mistakes and shortcomings.

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